lundi 16 novembre 2015

The diversity of job opportunities in Staps

I learned in english lesson last Friday , there are many job opportunities in Staps.
It's not compulsory to work in a sport company.
Skills in managment are transferable in other sectors as i learnt with Alexi's video which is manager of Ikea.
When i watched this video i was surprised because i didn't think with management of sport degree we could work in Ikea or In Leclerc.
That opened my eyes on all is possible to make.
As far as i'm concerned i really want to work in a sport company at the moment , particularly on the conception of a sport product that what i'm really interested in.
However, this video was useful because it allowed me to ask myself the right questions: Why i continue my studies? What i really want ? 

3 commentaires:

  1. That is a very encouraging blog post Sylvain. Well done! Here is he link to the video now on youtube. You can insert it as a video in your post if you go back to the editor.

  2. Nice insight. Most people starting their career now will end up having 2 or 3 completely different jobs in their lives. I watched the video of Alexis as well and I think he embraced the changes quite well with an open mindset. It is still very possible that he ends up in a Sport oriented company, at a more interesting position because of his combination of skills obtained from his studies and his work experience. Such profiles are on high demand.

    Sports professional are also interesting because they have at one time of their life dealt with intrinsic motivations. They are often good team players and able to lead and motivate others.

    So I'm with you I think their are plenty of opportunities for people ready to think outside of the box.

  3. Good reflection, i think it's essential to have a goal