vendredi 20 novembre 2015

Importance of Networks

I learned the importance of networks today thanks to the intervention of Bruno Winck in english lesson.
Indeed at the professional level it's essental to build up a network to find a job, realize a project or create a company.

Nowadays, when we want to realize a project like a sport product manufacturing for example and we haven't a lot of money it's the professional network which will allow the achievemen of the project.

It's the contact with several people that will improve the project to meet the expectations of future customers.

Now , it's not enough to have a website to sell , it's necessary to be present as soon as possible on all social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus...).

There is a technique on Tweet to build its own network.
First of all we need to type a theme in relation with our project, then we shouldn't follow somebody too much known (beyond 4k followers) , and it's necessary to look latest tweets of this person.
If she answer to no one this means she will not interest in our project so we shouldn't follow her.

In the other hand , if she answer to people it's someone we need to follow and retweet.
Then we will awaken her curiosity and so we can ask her questions about our project.
We have a professional contact in few hours.

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